Reuzel Pomade green 113g

Reuzel Pomade green 113g
Produktcode: AD41
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Reuzel green- Die feine Pomade ist ein vielseitiges Wax auf Ölbasis - Mit mittlerem Glanz und mittlerer Haltbarkeit - Perfekt für klassische Haarschnitte und welliges Haar. Pfefferminzduft


Reuzel Grease is a versatile wax and oil based product that allows you to control its strength and degree of shine.

Reuzel Grease is strongest when applied to dry hair. For the heaviest (90 weight) hold apply to blow dried hair, for a medium (60 weight) hold apply to towel dried hair.

Apply Reuzel Grease: Work an ample amount of Grease between the palms of the hands until it warms and softens then apply thoroughly through the hair from roots to ends.


Style: Simply comb or brush the hair into the desired shape. Add more Grease or water as needed to perfect the style. Reuzel Grease does not dry or harden in the hair so you can restyle as needed throughout the day without loosing control or shine.